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Blocked drain in Brighton

Blocked Drains

Repair and Installation

Blocked Drains

drainage in lewes

CCTV Surveys

Repair and Installation

Blocked Drains

broken drain in brighton

Repair and Installation

Repair and Installation

Repair and Installation

blocked drains!

repair drain in brighton and lewes

Clearing your drain and fixing the damage

Preventing these major problems is understanding how they became blocked.  At PM Drainage we can clear your drain and offer further options so that your drains run smoothly and clear, the services that we offer are:

  • Pipe and drainage repairs
  • Full drainage installation
  • Root removal
  • Pipe de-scalling
  • Gutter clearance
  • Septic tank installation
  • Prevention maintenance
  • Soakaway installation/removal

Causes for a Blocked Drain

There are many reasons that your drain can be blocked the minor blockages may be big for the resident or company but to PM DRAINAGE it is a challenge that we accept. The common household causes include:

  • Food waste (Fats)
  • Soaps
  • Small Objects
  • Toilet Paper build up
  • Wet wipe build up

Bigger Problems

There are also structural and age problems that cause your minor problem to turn into a major problem. With the major problem the chances of re-blocking is increased, but can be fixed. The major problems include:

  • Pitch fibre pipes
  • Collapsed sewers
  • Tree Roots
  • Third party damage

CCTV Survey

cctv in lewes and eastbourne

Thanks to the latest innovations in technology PM Drainage can look into the sewer and diagnose your blocked drain.  

Making use of these camera systems, PM Drainage can locate the problem and bring it to the attention of the customer saving time and money. 

  • Full home buyer/seller drainage survey
  • CCTV survey to find on going blockages
  • CCTV survey following blockages 

What we look at

PM DRAINAGE will survey household properties new and old before moving in to check all is running as it should, survey lines that are having repeat problems.

let us fix it

Once we have found the major problem PM DRAINAGE will suggest options for how to repair the damage and have everything back to working order. Both Phil and Marc are professionals in our trade we aim to give offer the best quality of service so that our customers are happy.

The Different Techniques

Sometimes it is as easy as clearing the block and educating so that customers understand what went wrong this could be as simple as advising not to put the wet wipes down the toilet. Other times it could be harder and more technical but we will advise and offer the best way to fix the problem.